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LionQuest, inc. 
Terms & Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions (the "Agreement") under which LionQuest Inc, ("TheMedias.com") agrees to provide the services described in all Insertion Orders entered into by TheMedias.com and the entity identified in the Insertion Order as receiving the services (generically referred to as the ?Advertiser?).

1. Effectiveness of Insertion Order. An Insertion Order shall be binding upon Advertiser when such Insertion Order is executed by the Advertiser and received by TheMedias.com.

2. Advertising Materials. The Advertiser shall be responsible for providing TheMedias.com with all advertising material required under an Insertion Order (the "Advertising Material"). The Advertising Material is subject to review by TheMedias.com, and TheMedias.com reserves the right to reject any advertisement at any time at its sole discretion.

3. Co-Registration Campaigns - Data. TheMedias.com shall deliver the data described in the Insertion Order to the Advertiser in the file format and delivery frequency agreed upon in the Insertion Order. If a merge-purge, de-dup, or scrub of the data is required by Advertiser, results must be reported back to TheMedias.com within five (5) business days. Advertiser must report Net Accepted data/lead totals to TheMedias.com within five (5) business days of delivery of said leads by TheMedias.com. If rejected data report is not received by TheMedias.com within five (5) days of delivery, data will be considered valid and will be chargeable to Advertiser. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the maximum bad, duplicate, or rejected data percentage can not exceed 10% of the total batched file for any given batched file. If rejected data percentage exceeds 10% of the total batched file size for any given batched file, client must notify TheMedias.com immediately and, in such event, TheMedias.com reserves the right to cancel such campaign immediately. If the campaign is an opt to pop, then advertiser must allow TheMedias.com to place a tracking pixel on advertisers confirmation page.

4. Email. TheMedias.com will deliver client?s email as set forth in the Insertion Order. TheMedias.com will provide a delivery report, via email, to Advertiser for the email delivery.

5. Media. TheMedias.com will deliver media in as set forth in the Insertion Order. All reporting and charges to Advertiser will be based solely upon the reporting provided by TheMedias.com unless otherwise stated in the Insertion Order.

6. Delivery. All inventory is preemtable based on performance.

7. Fees; Payment Terms. Advertiser shall be charged for the Services pursuant to the rate set forth in the Insertion Order. TheMedias.com shall provide Advertiser with monthly invoices for each calendar month in which TheMedias.com provides Services to the Advertiser, at the end of any given campaign, or as otherwise set forth and agreed upon in the Insertion Order. Payment of the invoiced amounts shall be due and payable net thirty (30) days from the date of invoice, or as otherwise stated in the Insertion Order. The Advertiser shall make payments via wire transfer to JP Morgan Chase or via check payable to "TheMedias.com." Payment shall be due from Advertiser in accordance with this paragraph notwithstanding any failure or inability of Advertiser to collect payment from its customer.

8. Penalties for Non-Payment. If any invoice is not paid by Advertiser within thirty (30) days of the date of such invoice, TheMedias.com may suspend its performance under the Insertion Order without liability or penalty at its sole discretion. Interest shall accrue on the balance of any overdue invoice at a rate equal to one and one half percent (1-1/2%) per month. TheMedias.com may also impose a late payment penalty equal to one percent (1%) of any overdue balance. All accounts not paid within sixty (60) days of the invoice date may be remanded to a collection agency or to legal counsel and Advertiser shall be liable for all costs associated with collection of all amounts due, including, and without limitation, all attorneys? fees and costs of suit. The person executing the Insertion Order agrees that TheMedias.com may pursue collection of any over due amount via the personal guarantee without first exhausting or pursuing its remedies against Advertiser.


10. Warranties of Advertiser. Advertiser warrants and represents that all uses of the Services by Advertiser, and all direction given to TheMedias.com regarding the Services to be provided to Advertiser, are in compliance with all laws, regulations and ordinances (?Laws?) of each jurisdiction in which Advertiser conducts its business, including but not limited to, Laws pertaining to mass-email distribution, spam, privacy, information collection and dissemination, and decency/adult-content materials. Under no circumstances shall Advertiser use the Services, or direct TheMedias.com to provide the Services, in a manner in violation of any Laws.

11. Limitation of Liability. TheMedias.com's aggregate liability arising out of or relating to any Insertion Order, including without limitation, on account of performance or nonperformance of obligations thereunder, regardless of the form of the cause of action, whether in contract, tort (including, without limitation, negligence), statute or otherwise, shall in no event exceed the amounts paid to TheMedias.com under the Insertion Order. NOTWITHSTANDING ANYTHING TO THE CONTRARY CONTAINED IN THIS AGREEMENT, THEMEDIAS.COM SHALL NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, BE LIABLE TO THE ADVERTISER FOR ANY CLAIM BASED UPON ANY THIRD PARTY CLAIM, OR FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, EXEMPLARY OR SPECIAL DAMAGES OF ANY NATURE WHATSOEVER, OR FOR ANY DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH ANY MALFUNCTIONS, DELAYS, LOSS OF DATA, LOSS OF PROFIT, INTERRUPTION OF SERVICE OR LOSS OF BUSINESS OR ANTICIPATORY PROFITS, EVEN IF THEMEDIAS.COM WAS APPRISED OF THE LIKELIHOOD OF SUCH DAMAGES OCCURRING. No action, regardless of form, arising out of any Insertion Order may be brought by the Advertiser more than one (1) year after the cause of action has accrued and Advertiser expressly waives any statute of limitations which might apply by operation of law or otherwise.

12. Advertiser Indemnity. Advertiser shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless TheMedias.com and TheMedias.com's employees, agents, officers and directors, against any and all claims, causes of actions, judgments, demands, damages, losses or liabilities, including costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys fees and costs of suit), arising out of or relating to (a) any claim that the Advertising Material infringes upon the copyright, trademark, patent, or trade secret or other intellectual property right of any third party; (b) any claim, representation, or statement made in the Advertising Materials; (c) any uses whatsoever of the Services by Advertiser; or (d) any breach of any representation or warranty of Advertiser contained in this Agreement.

13. Confidentiality.

(a) Any non-public information regarding a party?s business, including but not limited to a party's plans, programs, processes, products, costs, equipment, finances, operations or customers, which is furnished or disclosed by that party (the "Disclosing Party") to the other (the "Receiving Party") is considered confidential, and shall include information which is designated as confidential or information which should be regarded as confidential given the nature and circumstances of its disclosure (collectively "Confidential Information"). The Receiving Party will hold Confidential Information in confidence and will not, without written permission of the Disclosing Party, disclose such Confidential Information to any person other than its own employees and consultants who have a need to know in connection with this Agreement. The Receiving Party will use Confidential Information exclusively in connection with the performance of its obligations under this Agreement and shall not use such Confidential Information for any other purpose or use whatsoever. The Receiving Party agrees to exercise the same degree of care in handling Confidential Information that it exercises toward its own but in no event less than due care. Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, or upon request of the Disclosing Party, each party will promptly return to the other party, or certify destruction of, all Confidential Information (and any copies thereof) in its possession.

(b) The obligations of non-disclosure and non-use imposed hereunder do not apply to information that the Receiving Party can show through competent documentation (i) is or became known publicly, other than through the acts or omissions of the Receiving Party; (ii) was learned by the Receiving Party from a third party entitled to disclose it; (iii) was already known to the Receiving Party before receipt from the Disclosing Party and was not acquired from the Disclosing Party or its employees, either directly or indirectly; (iv) was independently developed by the Receiving Party; or (v) must be disclosed by operation of law. This Section shall survive the termination of this Agreement for a period of one (1) year.

14. Independent Contractor. TheMedias.com, in furnishing services to the Advertiser, is an independent contractor. TheMedias.com does not undertake to perform any regulatory or contractual obligation of the Client or to assume any responsibility for the Client's business or operations.

15. Publicity. TheMedias.com shall be permitted to identify Advertiser as a TheMedias.com Advertiser and may use Advertiser's name in connection with TheMedias.com's marketing materials unless Advertiser requests otherwise.

16. Termination. Either party may terminate this Insertion Order for any reason by providing the other party with forty-eight (48) hours prior written notice thereof. Either party may terminate an Insertion Order immediately in the event of a material breach of this Agreement by the other party by providing written notice of such termination to the breaching party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Advertiser's obligation to pay for the Services rendered prior to termination shall not be terminated until such payment is made.

17. Governing Law. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York applicable to contracts made and performed therein, without regard to principles of conflicts of laws. Any action to enforce this agreement shall be venued in the state or federal courts located within the State of New York.

18. Entire Agreement. This Agreement and the related Insertion Orders constitute the entire agreement (incorporated into the definition of "Agreement") of the parties with respect to the subject matter thereof and supersede all previous communications, representations, understandings, and agreements, either oral or written, between the parties with respect to said subject matter.

19. Amendment; Wavier. No modification of this Agreement or any Insertion Order shall be binding unless in writing and signed by both parties. If any provision herein is held to be unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. No wavier by TheMedias.com of any term, provision or condition contained in these Terms and Conditions or any Insertion Order shall be deemed to constitute a wavier of the same or any other term, provision or condition with regard to subsequent events circumstances.

20. Notices. Notices to be given by either party under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed made or given when personally delivered or mailed by certified mail, express overnight delivery or facsimile to the address of the other party listed on the Insertion Order, or by company email as designated by the parties to each other (non-business email accounts are not acceptable).




Dans ce contrat, ? l?Agence ? d?nie la soci? LionQuest Inc/TheMedias domicili?545 8th ave 18th fl, New York, NY 10018, USA et l? ? Annonceur ? d?nit la soci? telle qu?elle est d?ite dans l?Ordre d?Insertion li?a ce contrat.

Chapitre 1 : Objet du contrat. L'Annonceur confie ?'Agence la gestion du budget de communication des produits, des services ou des marques d?gn?dans l?ordre d?insertion et dans les conditions pr?s? dans le contrat.

Les m?s conditions s'appliqueront aux autres produits ou services que l'Annonceur pourra confier par la suite ?'Agence et qui feront l'objet d'avenants au pr?nt contrat, pr?yant notamment la r?n?tion de l'Agence pour ces autres produits ou services.

L'Agence met ?a disposition de l'Annonceur une ?ipe sp?alement charg?de l'?de, de la r?isation et du contr?de ses campagnes publicitaires concernant le produit ou le service.

L'Agence met ?lement ?a disposition de l'Annonceur, l'ensemble de ses services :

  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • M?a

Le pr?nt contrat s'applique sur le territoire d?gn?ans I?ordre d?insertion.

Chapitre 2 : Prestations de l'agence. Dans le cadre du pr?nt contrat, l'Agence assurera ??annonceur toutes les prestations n?ssaires et notamment :

2.1 Un conseil g?ral en recherches
Mise au point des m?odologies et des protocoles d'?des pour d?rminer les perspectives de ventes.

2.2 La d?rmination de la meilleure strat?e de vente
- Programme d'action optimum combinant les diverses techniques de repr?ntation et de vente.
- A partir des objectifs d?gn?par l?annonceur, l'Agence contribue ?'?blissement des diff?ntes strat?es pour maximiser les ventes.

2.3 La r?isation des campagnes
L?annonceur s?engage ?ournir les contenus en temps et en heures comme demand?ar l?agence, en ?ange l?agence s?engage ?aire ce qui est dans son possible pour vendre ce contenu. A cet ?rd, l'Agence n'est pas solidairement responsable avec l?annonceur de la qualit?u contenu d?vr?u fait de son statut l?l de mandataire.

2.4 La mise en application et le suivi de l'ex?tion des programmes
- Coordination entre les services.
- Tenue des plannings.
- Estimation des prix.
- Passation des commandes.
- Tenue des ?ts budg?ires.
- Contr?des documents.
- Coordination Annonceur /Agence

Chapitre 3 : R?n?tion. Le paiement sera effectu?ar virement bancaire ou par ch?e par le Fournisseur sur le compte bancaire d?gn?ar l?Agence selon l???cier pr? et accept?ar les deux parties, indiqu?ur l?ordre d?insertion

A d?ut de paiement de toutes sommes exigibles du chef de ce contrat, aux ??ces pr?es ci-dessus, les sommes dues seront major? automatiquement d?un int?t de retard fix? une fois et demie le taux d?int?t l?l en vigueur ?a date du d?ut de paiement, et ce, apr?envoi d?une mise en demeure rest?infructueuse apr?un d?i de 15 jours.

Le taux d?ni ci-dessus sera automatiquement et r?oactivement major?e cinq points en cas de condamnation par d?sion de justice du client, pour inex?tion de paiement. En outre, tout retard de paiement entra?ra de plein droit l?application de p?lit? exigibles en sus du montant d?principal, et sans pr?dice des int?ts moratoires conventionnels, d?un montant forfaitaire ?l ?RENTE POUR CENT (30%) des sommes restant dues par l?annonceur au titre de dommages int?ts.

Cette r?n?tion pourra ?e r?s?en cours de contrat, d?un commun accord entre les parties, par un avenant sign?ar chacune d?elles.

Chapitre 4 : Approbation des devis. L'ex?tion des campagnes publicitaires n'intervient qu'apr?approbation de l'Annonceur. L'accord sur le devis pourra ?e donn?ar tout moyen.

Dans le cas o?nnonceur d?derait de modifier, de rejeter, d'annuler ou d'interrompre un travail en cours, l'Agence lui indiquera les d?ts et remboursements r?ltant de ce changement et ceci, de telle sorte que l'Annonceur puisse prendre sa d?sion en toute connaissance de cause.

L'Agence ne saurait en aucun cas, encourir la moindre responsabilit?our les annulations ou changements d?d?par l'Annonceur apr?approbation du devis.

Chapitre 5 : Dur?du contrat. Pendant la p?ode de pr?is, les relations entre l'Agence et l?annonceur doivent se poursuivre de fa? loyale, sinc? et normale ; l?annonceur ne doit pas confier ?ne autre Agence les ordres qui auraient d?e ex?t?par l'Agence pendant la dur?du pr?is ; l'Agence doit ex?ter avec soin et diligence les ordres de l?annonceur jusqu'?xpiration du d?i de pr?is.

L?annonceur s'engage ?oursuivre les contrats conclus par l'Agence avec des tiers en ex?tion du pr?nt contrat ou ?aire son affaire personnelle de leur r?liation avec ces derniers. Il aura ?lement l'obligation dans le cas d'une rupture de son fait, de rembourser ?'Agence les d?nses et frais techniques et artistiques engag?par elle pour la pr?ration de la campagne.

A l'expiration du pr?nt contrat, l'Agence remettra ??annonceur l'int?alit?u mat?el et des documents confi?par ce dernier ?'exception de ceux qu'elle aura ? autoris???uire. La responsabilit?e l'Agence ne pourrait ?e engag?au-del?'un d?i de 3 ans pour la conservation des documents qui lui sont confi?par l?annonceur.

Chapitre 6 : Respect des lois, des r?ements et des usages professionnels. L?Agence s'engage express?nt ?especter la r?ementation applicable ?es activit?et/ou ?es locaux, notamment le droit ?nomique, ainsi que les r?es et usages de la profession.

Chapitre 7 : Comportement loyal et de bonne foi. L?Agence s'engage ?oujours se comporter, ?'?rd de l?annonceur comme un partenaire loyal et de bonne foi, et notamment ?orter, dans les meilleurs d?is, ?a connaissance de l?annonceur, toute difficult?u diff?nd qu'il pourrait rencontrer dans l'exercice de ses activit?contractuelles.

Chapitre 8 : D?aration d?ind?ndance r?proque. Les parties d?arent express?nt qu'elles sont et demeureront, pendant toute la dur?du pr?nt contrat, des partenaires commerciaux et professionnels ind?ndants, assumant chacun les risques de sa propre exploitation.

Chapitre 9 : R?liation anticip? Le pr?nt contrat pourra ?e r?li?ar anticipation par l'une ou l'autre des parties, en cas de violation de l'un quelconque des engagements en r?ltant et/ou de l'une quelconque des obligations inh?ntes ?'activit?xerc? La r?liation anticip?interviendra automatiquement un mois apr?une mise en demeure rest?sans effet, signifi??a partie d?illante par lettre recommand?avec demande d'avis de r?ption, indiquant l'intention de faire application de la pr?nte clause r?lutoire expr?

Le pr?nt contrat pourra ?lement ?e r?li?ar anticipation, en cas de liquidation ou de redressement judiciaire de l'une des parties, dans le respect des conditions l?les et r?ementaires en vigueur et sous r?rve des dispositions d'ordre public ?ntuellement applicables.

Chapitre 10 : Cons?ences de la cessation du contrat. En cas de cessation du pr?nt contrat, il est express?nt pr?, quelle qu'en soit la cause, que les parties se retrouveront plac? dans la situation ant?eure ?elle de la signature de celui-ci.

Chapitre 11 : Force majeure. Aucune des parties ne pourra ?e consid?e comme responsable en cas de manquement ?'une de ses obligations contractuelles si cette inex?tion est caus?par un cas de force majeure, ou un accident in?table ?appant au contr?et aux diligences raisonnables des parties.

L'ex?tion du pr?nt contrat et des obligations en r?ltant, sera suspendue en cas de survenance d'un ?nement de force majeure, ind?ndant de la volont?es parties, rendant impossible la fabrication et/ou la livraison des produits, dans des d?is consid?s comme acceptables par les deux parties, sans que la responsabilit?e l?Agence puisse ?e engag??e titre ?'?rd de l?annonceur, ni qu'aucune indemnisation y li?ne puisse lui ?e demand?par ce dernier.

Les parties s'engagent dans une telle hypoth? ?echercher de bonne foi toute solution altalternative permettant ??Agence de poursuivre normalement l'exploitation de ses activit? et notamment le recours accept?ar l?annonceur ?n autre annonceur.

Le contrat reprendra normalement son ex?tion, et les parties seront ?ouveau tenues du respect de toutes les obligations y figurant, d?lors que la disparition de l'?nement de force majeure aura ? d? constat?

Chapitre 12 : Cession et transmission du contrat. Le pr?nt contrat ?nt conclu intuitu personae, il ne pourra ?e c? ou transf? de quelque mani?, ?uelque titre et ?uelque personne que ce soit sans l'accord expr?pr?able et ?it du l?Agence. L'agr?nt de l?Agence devra ?e donn?u refus?ans un d?i maximum de trois mois ?ompter de la r?ption de la notification qui lui aura ? signifi?par l?annonceur, par lettre recommand?avec demande d'avis de r?ption. A d?ut de r?nse de l?Agence dans ce d?i, l'agr?nt sera r?t?cquis.

En cas de refus d'agr?nt comme en cas de d?ut de notification de l?annonceur dans les conditions et selon les formes ci-dessus pr?s?, la cession du contrat et des droits et obligations en r?ltant entra?rait imm?atement et automatiquement la r?liation de celui-ci, aux torts de l?annonceur. L'Agr?nt de l?Agence ne pourra ?e donn?u'apr?communication d'informations compl?s concernant le successeur pressenti de l?annonceur et engagement ?it de ce dernier quant au respect de l'ensemble des obligations figurant au pr?nt contrat.

Si ces conditions sont remplies, l'Agr?nt de l?Agence ne pourra ?e refus?ans juste motif.

Chapitre 13 : Confidentialit? L?Agence s'engage pendant toute la dur?du pr?nt contrat et sans limitation apr?son expiration, ?a confidentialit?a plus totale, concernant les produits contractuels, et toutes informations communiqu? comme confidentielles ou auxquelles il aurait pu avoir acc?dans le cadre de l'ex?tion du pr?nt contrat d'approvisionnement, ?oins que lesdites informations ne soient tomb? dans le domaine public.

L?Agence s'engage ?lement ?aire respecter cette obligation de confidentialit?ar tous les membres de son personnel concern?ce dont il se porte fort ?'?rd de l?annonceur.

Chapitre 14 : Comp?nce juridictionnelle. En cas de litige relatif ?a conclusion, l?ex?tion, l?interpr?tion et/ou la rupture du pr?nt contrat pour quelque cause que ce soit, les parties tenteront de trouver une solution amiable. Si les parties ne r?sissent pas ??accorder, le litige fera l'objet d'un arbitrage, conform?nt au r?ement de conciliation et d'arbitrage de la Chambre de Commerce Internationale.

La proc?re d'arbitrage ci-dessus d?ite ne sera pas applicable si le litige a pour enjeu une somme inf?eure ?0.000- ?. Dans ce cas, le litige sera soumis ?a juridiction du Tribunal de Commerce de Strasbourg, France, dont la comp?nce est reconnue express?nt.

Chapitre 15 : Droit applicable. De convention expr?entre les parties, le pr?nt contrat est soumis au droit fran?s. Par convenance, une traduction en langue anglaise a ? ?blie. Toutefois, en cas de litige seule la version fran?se serait retenue.

Chapitre 16 : Nullit?artielle L'annulation de l'une des stipulations du pr?nt contrat n'entra?rait l'annulation de celui-ci dans son ensemble, que pour autant que la stipulation litigieuse puisse ?e consid?e, dans l'esprit des parties, comme substantielle et d?rminante, et que son annulation remette en cause l'?ilibre g?ral de la convention.

En cas d'annulation d'une des stipulations du pr?nt contrat, consid?e comme non substantielle, les parties s'efforceront de n?cier une clause ?nomiquement ?ivalente.

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